Extraterrestrial Life & ASTROPHYSICS.
  Credit for image NASA.gov - Earth orbits the Sun at around 67,000 mph. Our Solar System orbits around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at a velocity of about 536,865 mph and at a rough distance of 158,722,900,000,000 Quadrillion miles from the galactic core.  Earth spins on its Axis at an additional 1000 mph !

Slightly exaggerated impression of the real shape of our warped and twisted Milky Way. Image: Xiaodian Chen (National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Our Milky Way Galaxy size comparison next to the average size galaxy M74. The star named SOL is our Sun it is located in a outer spiral Arm called the Orion Spur. The Orion Spur is located about two thirds the way out from the center of our galaxy.


  We are located in a unusual Galaxy in both structure and size. Only 10 percent of all Galaxies in the Universe are our size or larger. The Milky Way is approximately 13.5 billion years old. Our Solar System is in a perfect position on a outer spiral arm (orion spur) within the Milky Way Galaxy. Distance from the center is key for survival. Enormous Gamma Ray Explosions and a Massive Black Hole lurks within the harsh core of our Galaxy.

   Our unique solar system is like a huge grandfather clock of divine perpetual motion. Planets and their moons unchanging in orbits for millenniums. Jupiter and Saturn endure comet strikes that would obliterate Earth. Their gravity pulls dangerous space projectiles away from Earth like a protective mother and father. 

    We thrive on just the right size planet with a perfect rotation balance of day and night. In a gracious orbit of precise speed and distance around a life supporting ever constant Sun.

  Our Moon "Luna" has taken more than its fair share of impacts. Luna is tidally locked in our orbit stabilizing Earth's tilt and rotation from excessive wobble that would otherwise cause temperature and weather chaos. Without our distinctive Moon, Earth could not support life.

   The atmosphere of Earth is a perfect mix of elements, density, and thickness. A thin but powerful ozone layer filters out harmful ultra violet radiation. 

   We have Hi Tech Star Trek like shields emitting naturally from our planets core by a complex geo thermal process we still do not fully understand. This strong magnetic field is protecting our atmosphere and us from cosmic radiation,solar winds, and charged particles. Earths magnetic field is an invisible force field without it we would cease to exist.

    All this beautiful balance, intricacy, life, and Cosmic good fortune is here by some chance of random luck originating 13.8 billion years ago from the Big Bang Theory.  No need to Gamble you have already won the astronomically impossible Universe lottery of life. 
So the real question is,
How many Universe of Life Winners exist? 
   Why are The Fermi Paradox (no sign of ET in space found yet) and the Drake Equation (theory of 10,000 worlds with alien life in our own Milkyway ​​​​​​​Galaxy) such a vast contrast ?

NASA/Swift/Mary Pat Hrybyk-Keith and John Jones

   "A new study of gamma-ray burst frequency estimates has eliminated  the possibility of life on other planets."

    The Most powerful and destructive explosions in the universe are Gamma Ray Explosions , second only to the Big Bang explosion !


Hunt for the Death Star

" gamma ray bursts, destructive explosions in space that can wipe out entire star systems and happen thousands of times a day."


NETFLIX "The Real Death Star"must watch!  Best Documentary on Gamma Ray Bursts and their effects on the probability of the existence of complex life forms in the Universe.

Amazon Prime  "Hunt for the Death Star" Gamma ray bursts, destructive explosions in space that can wipe out entire star systems. The sterilization of the Universe.


"Gamma-ray photons have the highest energy in the EMR spectrum and their waves have the shortest wavelength. The high energy of gamma rays enables them to pass through many kinds of materials, including human tissue. Very dense materials, such as lead, are commonly used as shielding to slow or stop gamma rays."
Gamma Rays break DNA down on the molecular level sterilizing the exposed living organism. On Earth we utilize gamma rays for sterilizing medical products of biological organisms. Other uses include sterilizing food, mail, and radiation therapy of cancer.

Credit www.arpansa.gov.au

NASA/Swift/Mary Pat Hrybyk-Keith and John Jones

Complex life possible in only 10% of all galaxies in the Universe and only the stars located on a outer spiral arm within that 10% due to GRBs.

Cornell University On the role of GRBs on life extinction in the Universe

Courtesy of R. Jimenez, adapted by E. Otwell.

Details on revised probability of complex life in Universe. Near  0 percent chance for complex life!  Study completed by Israeli and Spanish Astrophysicists.

Image Credit & Copyright: P. Tuthill (U. Sydney) & J. Monnier (U. Michigan), Keck Obs., ARC, NSF

NASA website on system WR-104 and the lethal range of a potential Gamma Ray burst. Earth is looking right down the barrel of this Event. When and if this happens if will effect life on planet Earth !


There are at least 76 factors needed for a planet like Earth to form and produce life. The biggest factor is to evade being obliterated by a Gamma Ray Burst. To date no Gamma Ray Burst has been detected  in our own Milky Way Galaxy. 

No weapon conceived by man in non fiction or fiction can compare to the destructive energy released by a Gamma Ray Burst. The greatest weapon contrived within the minds of the talented writers of Star Wars  "The Star Wars Death Star" is insignificant in comparison. Even the Star Wars "StarKiller Base" is a feeble attempt in the mind of man's imagination when compared to what is reality in our vast and awesome Universe. Take all the energy released by our Sun over its entire 5 billion year life to date and compress all that energy into a 10 second event and you still do not have the destructive power of one single Gamma Ray Burst.

Why is this not common knowledge? 
The United States Government did not go public about GRB . In 1961 the Frank Drake Equation was formulated before the GRB were known.  The GRB where first discovered IN THE LATE 60S. These super massive explosions were classified as top secret and withheld from the public for years! 

    The Universe has its own Sterilization Mechanism in place. This new Drake formula equates into a .5% chance of complex Extraterrestrial life existing in the Universe due to the sterilization effects of countless Gamma Ray Bursts over at least 7.5 billion years. Even a smaller chance of two complex life form civilizations forming within the same Galaxy that is now below a .5%. The lethal range of a GRB is 8,000 light years! The width of a GRB beam is 100 light years in diameter enough to encompass our entire solar system.

     WR-104 Wolf-Rayet Star  we have been blessed and protected from such a cataclysmic Gamma Ray Burst to date in our own Milky Way Galaxy. Unfortunately Earth's luck may be running out. Earth is actually right in the sights and range of a possible Gamma Ray Burst!

   If one seeking the truth on what is behind the UFO phenomenon is unwilling to learn of factual proven Science and its implications than is the truth really being sought out or just what fits a predetermined belief. Astrophysics, Science, & Biology all eliminate the probability of ETs. So if Extraterrestrials are now a near impossible explanation behind the UFO sightings,  what is the true source?


No technology, no matter how advanced could  appear  to defy physics and the laws of this universe on such a outrageously over the top scale.  Are we watching a UFO grandiose performance of some type?  

UFO are reported to instantaneously  teleport   across the sky, pass through  solid objects,  disappear  into the ground at incredible speeds, multiply  out of nothing , enter into the water with no or minimal disturbance, manipulate the light spectrum going partially or totally invisible ,  and  morph their shape  while in flight. Ufo do all this without a trace of heat. The Ufo do however show up on radar, but just as many occurrences reveal no radar image. The United States Navy and the United States government are now moving away from the term UFO this move is away from the Extraterrestrial implication and towards the unnatural abilities of UAP "Unidentified Ariel Phenomena" . 

UAP exhibit workings more akin with the paranormal, magical slight of hand, and the Super Natural.

One question that we never ask is this,  you have a object and it accelerates from 0 to super sonic Mach speeds in seconds. So what's missing? Where is the Sonic Boom that should occur at Mach 1? NASA has been trying to reduce the Sonic Boom by means of redirection and much higher altitudes but it cannot be eliminated. The Sonic boom can not be avoided it is the air pressure building up in front of the object until BOOM. To the best of my knowledge, No pilot ,military, no  creditable  UAP sighting video, no creditable source ever reported hearing  UAP making  a sonic boom. In fact creditable insiders in the  Pentagon  recently confirmed that UAP do not  make a sonic boom.  A ghost like object, a paranormal manifestation of some type, maybe a 3d Hologram could do this.  By this I mean APPEAR  to ignore the laws of this Universe. No technology could get around the Sonic Boom no matter how far advanced . Even a gravity field would still effect the surrounding air volume. There is no escaping the Sonic Boom in Physics or Science but the Sonic Boom easily  escapes our common sense when it comes to Unidentified Ariel Phenomena.

The US Navy has recently released and confirmed Infrared video of UAP. This Infrared video shows the UAP to be cold ( the ambient temperature that day was 12 degrees F). The UAP filmed where near 0 degrees F.
 Paranormal manifestations and activity also appear in Infrared as cold.

Are UAP objects Inter Dimensional , Paranormal ,Time Travelers , or something much more sinister ?

Which of these tasks is easier to accomplish? Fool someone or convince someone that they have been fooled?

Please take the time to visit here and explore the links to external websites and videos. There are many such facts and data here and out there to help those who want to know more ! This website is merely attempting to gather this difficult to find scientific and factual information in a central location. 

Courtesy of Scott Kelly/NASA via Associated Press)

Howard A. Smith a senior astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. "We seem to be cosmically special, perhaps even unique — at least as far as we are likely to know for eons.

Credit: PHL@UPR Arecibo

    NASA's old Exoplanet hunting space telescope Keepler is down and out. Dead in orbit Oct  2018. The new one TESS is now operational. As of 2018 3,730 exoplanets have been found, of that 3,730 only 53 have made the grade to be considered as remotely possible of harboring life. Pick number one and two of those 53 are a joke! There are no planets in the 3,730 worth a mention if the top two are this bad !
Number one is Proxima b, near the size of Earth, orbiting in the habitable zone—and by happenstance our closest exoplanet.
Yet deadly radiation from ferocious stellar flares have bombarded the alien world for perhaps billions of years, possibly obliterating its atmosphere.
A lot of issues,” Mendez admits. “But it’s the best candidate we have so far.
Number two is TRAPPIST-1e, one of seven cramped worlds around a dim star more than 200 trillion miles away.
Although rocky, TRAPPIST-1e might contain more water than all the oceans of Earth combined, up to 250 times more.
But the planet, along with its six companions, is tidally-locked. Half of TRAPPIST-1e forever faces its star; the other side remains in darkness. No way any of these exo planets could support even microbial life much less intelligent life ! Here you can look at each exo planet's qualities in the NASA catalog system. Currently as of July 20, 2021 there are none of the 4,438 exo planets capable of life . 0

Image by ESO/M. Kornmesser

Old Exo planet pick number one Proxima b is now Gone  along with any plans to investigate it! Its host star blasted the planet with a massive solar flare. The new number one candidate for life has been chosen its called Exo Planet K2-18b. K2-18b is not a good choice for life but it has shown signs of water. It takes a lot more than two factors for life.  In fact 70 plus factors are needed!

(Credit: University of Montreal)

The new number one candidate for life has been chosen its called Exo Planet K2-18b. What they are not telling us is............. K2-18b has a very close habitable zone orbit due to the low light of its host star. K2-18b is in a  33 day orbit (year) around a young and unstable Red dwarf star. One side most likely always faces its sun (no rotation), Chances are it will be bombarded by a massive solar flare in the near future and has been in the past.

How rare is our Solar System? The Mechanics and stable orbits of our solar system defy the norm. Our single sun (Sol system) looks perfect in this computer generated video of 1,705 worlds in crazy orbits around 685 distant stars. All discovered by the Kepler exo planet Telescope. NASA website.Kepler Orrery IV Copyright: Ethan Kruse (University of Washington)

Video credit Kepler Orrery IV Copyright: Ethan Kruse (University of Washington)

Image credit: NASA.

  Recent study eliminates prior Habitable zone of orbit for a planet by 66 %!
   Schwieterman said that "showing how rare and special our planet is only enhances the case for protecting it. As far as we know, Earth is the only planet in the universe that can sustain human life.

Image credit: Christopher Reinhard at Georgia Institute if Technology.

  "But we can say that it is becoming increasingly likely that the percentage of exoplanets that could support complex life as we know it is very small indeed." astrobiology.nasa.gov/news/exoplanets-with-complex-life-may-be-very-rare-even-in-their-habitable-zones/
Awesome mathematical video on the probability of life in the universe.
A one in
Chance that life could spontaneously happen on a perfect planet in the perfect set conditions.

Super Computer model results are in, Earth is 1 in 700,000,000,000,000,000,000 fluke.
"A new study suggests that there are around 700 quintillion planets in the universe, but only one like Earth. It’s a revelation that’s both beautiful and terrifying at the same time"

"we can say with greater confidence – based on what we know – that humanity is most likely the only intelligent species in the Milky Way Galaxy at present "

"Watson’s model suggests an upper limit for the probability of each step occurring is 10 per cent or less, so the chances of intelligent life emerging is low — less than 0.01 per cent over four billion years."

"This would mean planets formed far away from P-producing supernovae would have little to no hope of developing life."
"for now, the quest to find alien life just got a lot bleaker."

"When the model is recast to represent realistic distributions of uncertainty, we find a substantial {\em ex ante} probability of there being no other intelligent life in our observable universe, and thus that there should be little surprise when we fail to detect any signs of it. This result dissolves the Fermi paradox, and in doing so removes any need to invoke speculative mechanisms by which civilizations would inevitably fail to have observable effects upon the universe."

"So, long story short, there are 19,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earth-like planets in the observable universe. Now it seems that, out of all 19 sextillion of these, Earth could be the only one with sentient life."

Rebuking UFO activity in the name of Jesus Christ !

Why would spiritual warfare stop UAP, UFO, and the Alien Abduction Phenomenon?

 Stop being harassed by the so called "Alien" Abduction experience here. This is serious help for those who wish to be free from these Entities NOW!

20 plus years professional Pilot gives his testimony on how UFO where harassing  aircraft on his flight path. He soon arrived in the same Airspace and Rebuked the UFO activity. 

 National Director of South Korea for MUFON presents his years of intensive Extraterrestrial Abduction  research.

"but what I do know is when I prayed and rebuked it in Jesus’ Name, this mysterious light immediately disappeared."

A scene from the movie Independence Day is eerily resembling the Navy UAP recently caught on video.
These Entities appear to us in a form that we would associate with Extraterrestrial origins. Which is more likely?... by some impossible cosmic coincidence Alien "UFO" just so happen to resemble UFO from the movie Independence Day, a TV series Mork from Ork Tic Tack Egg ship, Ego's Tic Tac ship in Guardians of the Galaxy and many others, or is something wanting us to believe UFO are of a ET origin? It seems that these sightings change shape to fit the times, it appears that the classic saucer is now a thing of the past and ET has upgraded to a more entrancing form.

https://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/ "Murmers of Earth"- Book on details of the Voyager probes

Take the Date that President Jimmy Carter signed this message to the Aliens and add together the Month, Day, and Year. You will have the number of 1999(upside down is 1666). Now divide 1999 by 3 (3 is the month,day,and year) you arrive at this number 666.3333333333333.....

1977 President Jimmy Carters conceives the following on this message,
"we human beings are still divided into nation states, but these states are rapidly becoming a single global civilization"

President Jimmy Carter also conveys to ET that,
"We hope someday,having solved the problems we face, TO JOIN A COMMUNITY OF GALACTIC CIVILIZATIONS."

Not only are we told in 1977 that a Global order is rapidly coming to the world but that once this global order is established it will one day join a Alien Galactic order of some kind. May I suggest that as with any order Global or Galactic  there must be some type of Governmental  leadership or perhaps a one world order with only one supreme leader.  Could this be the plan to place a Anti-Christ in this role? 

Would this Anti-Christ present itself as human or a ET?

The whole UFO subject has the potential to just that. The United Nations would play a major role in a Extraterrestrial Invasion. Uniting mankind and putting all our petty issues aside to preserve our right to live. We would eagerly give up our nations sovereignty for the survival and protection of the human race.  US presidents have stated that the best way to unite Earth is if we faced a  Extraterrestrial threat from space, Reagan did 3 times and Clinton at least once.

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) prior director  Mazlan binti Othman has produced and delivered a lecture to The Royal Academy of Sciences on what to do in the event of extraterrestrial contact, including "political unity" advise and a pre planned  communication of Q & A and responses for extraterrestrials.
Several news agencies also reported the UN appointed her  as "the ambassador to aliens" but she has denied it in public.

Please Google

What does Roswell New Mexico and the birth of Israel have in common?

Before the first recovery of material from the alleged Roswell New Mexico UFO crash on July 4, 1947(America's birthday), there was the UFO sighting of Kenneth Arnold on June, 24, 1947, before the Kenneth Arnold sighting, there was a Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Andrei Gromyko who shocked the world on May,14,1947. Wait..... a Russian who, what?  Who was this Russian UN Ambassador and what does he have to do with the birth of a nation and the birth of the modern UFO age?

Dates are important,  timing is everything!

Before the birth of the modern UFO age the labor pains of Israel where occurring. WW II and its concentration  camps and the horror of mass slaughter  was resonating  through out the world.  Israel was only a idea with no real susbtance until May 14, 1947 when the most unlikely of voices spoke up on the World stage.

On May, 14,1947 United Nations Russian representative
Andrei Gromyko stood on the floor of the UN general Assembly and announced that Russia officially recognized the need for a nation state for the Jewish peoples saying,
   American President Truman was not happy. Truman was beat to the punch, Truman was not going to be out done by Russia in the arena of human rights or on the world stage. This was post World War II and the major players where positioning for world power status.

Truman religiously pursued the adoption of resolutions and made public statements crusading on the world stage for the separation of Palestine and the creation of Israel. The formation of Israel was bible prophecy being fulfilled. This prophecy ushered in the last generation before Jesus Christ returns. This prophecy started a biblical clock ticking. A timeline that has a beginning and ending, the ending now had one generation to completion.

Time was now running out. Not the time on the world stage of political competition but in the very realm of spiritual warfare. You see up until
the formation of Israel evil forces of satan had all the time in the world to seduce  lie, trick , and fool the masses on planet Earth. Now the timer was in motion, the sand in the hour glass was flipped and sifting down to an end. A real game changer was needed and fast.

knew the prophecy of Israel  was about to be fulfilled and birthed a plan , a trick, a lie, a Delusion to fool the lost. You notice the words used there are "fool the lost". Like two twins being birthed at the same time, one Good and one Evil , one the miraculous prophesied Nation of Israel and one a Deception of lying signs and wonders seducing the world into a Extraterrestrial lie.

This Extraterrestrial lie is escalating and the UFO phenomenon is in high gear. Time is running out and satan knows it. The UFO phenomenon is the lying signs and wonders in the spiritual Realm.
The powers of the prince of the air.

The non-supernatural is even more massive in scope. The complete media bombardment of ET in movies,  commercials, advertising, TV series, comic books, radio, merchandising,  games, and our cell phones. Think of the billions of dollars spent on ET. ET is a money tree! The game changer plan is working as more and more Americans believe in ET the church declines in attendence at the same percentage.

The Delusional blitzkrieg has 75 percent of young Americans believing in Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life. Honestly this sky rocketing belief in ET requires more faith than a belief in GOD.

This is like a spiritual test on a world wide scale. The same sort of individual test GOD allowed JOB to endure from satan, the same type of test that GOD allowed JESUS to endure in the wilderness. GOD is not sending this but allowing it. Only those grounded in GOD's word are going to pass this test. The Holy Bible says it will be a STRONG DELUSION.

Let us hope and pray the last stronghold remains somewhat intact.

The Church!

"The Soviet Union, said Gromyko, would still prefer a “single Arab-Jewish state with equal rights for the Jews and Arabs.” But if the UN commission found this “impossible to implement, in view of the deterioration in the relations between Jews and Arabs,” there was a “justifiable” alternative: “the partition of Palestine into two independent single states, one Jewish and one Arab.”

Recovery of material confirmation July 4, 1947. Also Confirmation of who was present when material was recovered.

Did you know that Roswell Material was first recovered on July, 4, 1947 on America's Birthday!

Please search for, Roswell Daily Record - July 9, 1947. Headline: "Harassed rancer who found 'saucer' sorry he told about it" The day and who was with the rancer Brazel is confirmed to be July 4,1947.


Sermon on Super Natural Phenomena by Glen Hamer 



by Glen Hamer

Text: I Thessalonians 2:9-12

Unexplained things:

There are many things on this earth (megaliths, pyramids, the heads on Easter Island, perfectly round stones some bigger than man is tall, iron poles that never rust, the drawing at Nazacas in Peru, etc.) And off this earth (Alleged Moon structures, Mars face and city) that are unusual and unexplainable by our normal way of thinking. Yet, these things demand an answer that fits very well into what the Bible records. Always remember that there is much we don’t understand and most probably never will be able to explain with all certainty. However, as a Christian, I feel a need to explain to the best of my ability with help from God’s Word what these unusual things are. For my own faith and belief I need to be able to place such unusual unexplained things on earth as well as in space with some logic into the order of God’s things. To simply say, “I don’t believe such things exist is foolish.” Because some thing is there, These things are real physical objects, we can often see them, feel them, and even see their remains. And the world tries to explain these things in ways that leaves God completely out of it, which is unacceptable.

The question is “what?” To say , “Such things are from hundreds of millions of years ago ” blows the Word of God away. The Bible records only about 6,000 years since Adam and Eve were created. I believe that God’s Word, if it is to be believed, must allow some kind of explanation.

The question is “when?” To say, “I don’t understand” and leave it at that is to close one’s mind to new ways of glorifying God.

The question is “how?” God never intended for us to stop thinking, but to think with a view towards faith and with a spiritual end in mind.

The “what’s”, “when’s“, and “how’s” can be answered if we will look into God’s Word with a new openness. And through it all our faith will not be shaken, but fortified and made ready to endure the never ending questions of an unbelieving world. 

Satan’s great civilization of angels: 

Satan’s original name was Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12) which means “O shining star, son of morning “. We know that Lucifer was the most beautiful and greatest angel that God ever created. He “sealed the measure” of perfection and beauty of all creation (Ezekiel 28:12). His nature reflected the glory of God, thus his name “shining“.

The actual Hebrew words “O shining star” mean “bright, clear sounding or shining” and “boastful and pride“. And the Hebrew words “son of morning” means “son of dawning, or earliest, of first“. So the correct interpretation of Lucifer is “O clear sounding, boasting son from the beginning“. Or what we all understand Lucifer and Satan to be – the boasting angel. This portrays a much clearer picture of this rebellious angel whose realm was destroyed by God.

Jeremiah’s (4:23-26) description must be of the world before Adam. He looked into the ages before Adam and described the destruction of the earth and heavens. “There were no men, (descendants of Adam), yet there were cities which had been obliterated.” The inhabitants of these cities were in fact the angelic host and their leader was Satan, before this rebellion. Could remnants (Ruins) of these cities still remain within our solar system or even on other planetary bodies? 

Present fallen angel activity:

Satan and his fallen angels still have dominion over the earth and the planet areas. Satan is called: Lord of the High Places, Lord of those who quickly fly (in high places), Prince of the Powers of the Air, and obviously Prince of the Powers behind flying phenomenon in the high places. The Bible explains where Satan currently resides and connects him with forces in the atmosphere. Paul tells us “we wrestle with wicked spirits in high places“, literally “in the heavens” or “in the aerial regions” (Ephesians 6:12). He is also called “the prince of the power of the air” which literally means “the prince of the aerial host“. The Satanic confederation has its seat in the atmosphere heaven in the spaces above around our world.

Many of the strange things that happen are caused by these fallen angelic intelligents. The creation of crop circle, the UFO sighting, alleged alien abductions, etc. 

Satan’s deception and lie:

After the rapture God will permit a huge deception (lie) to come upon the world. All people everywhere will believe this deception with all their hearts. There will be a manifestation of the powers of darkness on this earth as Satan, the fallen angels, and the demons perform “signs and lying wonders (miracles)” with the goal of deceiving mankind. Will they guise themselves as extraterrestrials? (Revelations chap 16: 13-14)

Satan and his host of fallen angels are subverting creation by twisting the truth in their attempt “to be like the Most High“. Which has always been Satan’s goal (Isaiah 14:12-14). There will be open contact with extra-dimensional beings (fallen angels and demons). The revelation that such ancient civilizations, like the discovered Mars face, will prove that intelligent life, other than man, really do exists in the universe.

They will make many godless claims and have the false miracles and technology to back them up. It will be claimed that these extraterrestrials and other advanced beings (aliens) evolved long ago. They (not God) are the ones that created us through genetic engineering (manipulation). They are the ones responsible not only for our design (seeded earth with life), but also have guided our species through history by giving us our great religious leaders (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed). That in fact, they are the god of the Bible! They will tell us that we are now ready for the next evolutionary leap to become equal with them and to be as gods. To attain a higher plane of existence, a higher level of consciousness.

There will be all kinds of evidence to proof their claim. Proof of some kind that there is life in space. With the so-called discovery of Martian life in the form of alleged three billion year old microbes the ground work has been laid. It is only a very small logical leap from those that subscribe to the theory of evolution that three billion years would be plenty of time for intelligence to evolve from these germs and plenty of time for them to be far past us on the evolutionary scale.

The world has been setup to receive this lie of UFO’s and beings from other worlds:

1. The academic world has already removed God from the scene with it’s many theories on evolution.

2. Television and movies have popularized space themes and contact with other races for years (Star Wars, Star Trek etc).

3. The unceasing reports of UFO sightings and alien abductions.

4. Erik Von Danicken’s many books concerning alien gods (Chariots of the gods, etc.).

5. The occultists (psychics, mediums, etc.) Frequently speaking about our friendly space brothers who wish to help mankind with their superior knowledge and technology.

6. The spiritism (channeling) of ancient spirits.

7. The supposed discovery of microscopic bacteria (life) on a rock from Mars.

8. The discovery of ice on the moon and mars and the possibility of life on one of Jupiter’s moons.

9. The supposed discoveries of other planet systems in far away galaxies.

The whole idea of the existence of extra-terrestrial life has been steadily gaining credence. Recent polls report that as many as half the population of the United States believe there to be other intelligent life out in space. In the 2007 polls 14 percent of American citizens admitted seeing a UFO! That’s 14 percent! In the same survey 6,000,000 million Americans admitted being abducted by alleged aliens!   U.S. News & World Report

What will not be understood is that these extraterrestrials (extra-dimensional) and the rebellious sons of God (fallen angels) are one and the same. They are not creators of the human race, but perverts of God’s creations. This coming deception will literally be doctrines of devils openly presented to the world. Such miracles and lies will bring the anti-christ to power. But the power that brings him to light will be the power of Satan and hell.

The lie will work and mankind will be totally deceived (II Thessalonians 2:11). Please understand that Satan will not deny the existence of other “gods“. He will admit they exist (he can’t deny the truth that God does exist), but he will declare himself the greatest among them all.

As in Noah’s days:

Satan’s influence was so great that one-third of the created angels sided with him in the rebellion (Revelation 12:4). Many years after Satan’s kingdoms were devastated, during the days of Noah, many of these same rebellious angels co-inhabited with women to try and pollute the human race and stop the Messiah from coming (Genesis 6:4). “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man” (Luke 17:26). According to Genesis (6:2) the “sons of God ” or fallen angels took wives of the daughter of men” and gave birth to “giants” or Nephilim (Genesis 6:4). Naphal (to fall) or the fallen ones was rendered “earth-born” in the Greek Septuagint. Jesus told us that “angels don’t marry in heaven” (Matthew 22:30), but apparently fallen angels are capable of much mischief with earthlings. Take the time and search for the book of Enoch. Enoch tells us that fallen angels came down in the days of Noah and began physically messing with women. That sounds like the Alien Abduction phenomenon of today! Evil can become physical! The bible gives us examples of this like when satan manifested in the garden of Eden as a snake, when Jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days, Job tells us that satan was walking upon the earth, the antichrist will be a physical manifestation of evil etc..

This effort to co-inhabit with humans was part of Satan’s strategy to corrupt the line of Adam in order to prevent the fulfillment of the Messianic redemption. Noah was apparently unique in that his genealogy was still uncorrupted. This act by the fallen angels was so terrible that God consigned them (those involved) to the pit of darkness in the unseen world (Tartarus) bound and held in chains until the day God will gather them for judgment (II Peter 2:4 and Jude 6-7). Other factions of the rebellious angels continue to exist with the ability to traveling in the atmosphere (UFO’s) of the earth and among the terrestrial planets.

God’s prophecy:

The increased sightings of UFO’s and aliens speak of an increase in demonic involvement with mankind and a precursor to the end-times? The Holy Spirit is presently withholding the revealing of the man of sin and is holding back the evil in this world. With the rapture the church will be removed and the working of the Holy Spirit through the church will also be removed. The restraining influence of the Spirit filled, praying, interceding Church will not longer be here. The Restrainer (Holy Spirit) may be restraining far more than we have any suspicion of (II Thessalonians 2:7-8).

Along with all the deceptions and satanic miracles, God will send a strong delusion so that the lost will believe the lie. The purpose of the great delusion that will come upon the world will be to allow the lost to be deceived and perish. Since the lost have rejected the truth they will be given a lie to believe with all their hearts.

This is only a possible scenario. I don’t claim any special knowledge, wisdom, or anything. But given the current attitudes and trends in society as a whole, right now this seems to make the best sense. Look up and be prepared – Jesus is coming soon 

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Space was once a black empty canvas of nothing. A dark void of eternity awaiting the beginning by the supreme artist of creation who signs his work as " I Am". This universe is now a Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa of matter.  A universe designed and engineered to show how unique and special we truly are. In a bleak desert of endless barren sand, in a vast ocean of twinkling stars, in all the Universe there is but one Earth. A very sobering revelation of thought.

   Believe this! God could have created this entire universe and filled it with life at every star system thus making his version of a utopian Star Trek. I like what it appears God has done instead, God has made a universe as vast, powerful, and majestic as the creator. Instead of putting all that life scattered everywhere it is all here for us to enjoy. We can go 800 fathoms deep in the sea, drill under a mile thick ice at the south pole in one of over 400 hidden Lake Vostoks, even look through an electron microscope and find life. God shows us his love in the life here on Earth and the endless stars in all their glory , all a gift from God for us to explore, study , and enjoy !